November 2019

19 November 2018

I've met some very talented makers in the last week or so. Their enthusiasm for what they do is contagious! It's all the more remarkable when you know that there is very little margin in what they do, particularly for the handmade products. 

I dabble in making cushions. I enjoy it but it is a hobby. I worked out once that I'd need to make and sell over 100 cushions a month to earn some sort of living out of it. That's one way to take the fun out of a hobby. 

18 November 2018

If I ever wonder why I'm bothering with all this new business malarkey, I just need to visit Scotland. Beautiful, isn't it?

Overlooking Pitlochry

1 November 2018

I feel like the shop has taken a back seat in recent weeks and worried that I've lost some of the momentum. It's been incredibly busy at work, which affects not only the time available to spend on the project but also the energy.

Next week, I am heading up to Scotland. It's for a family wedding but I've tagged on an extra week or so to go to some Christmas markets to get some ideas and to meet potential makers.

I also want to explore potential locations for a physical shop. I know that there's plenty of time before that needs to be a concern, but I'm interested to visit a few towns that I've not been to in a while and see what shops exist on those high streets. I'm also keen to know how busy those shops are outside of the peak tourist season.

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