September 2018

14 September 2018

I really should write my business plan rather than look at colour swatches. I wonder how many business ventures stall at the colour swatch stage?

Colour swatches

13 September 2018

My friend, Andy, just told me that he likes the name of my shop. It reminds him of a pirate. 


How is it possible that I never thought of that? And why didn't he say that sooner?

Well, I guess I can always open a pirate shop if this one doesn't work out. Always good to have a back-up plan.

12 September 2018

Now thinking about colours for the non-logo. I say 'non-logo' because I don't want a logo. I know myself well enough to say I will get bored of it. 

It’s hard to divorce what you like vs what is right for the brand. Perhaps I should go with the notion that *I* am the brand. (LOL. I can’t even keep a straight face when I type that malarkey.) 

The advice is about how it will look online. That’s hard because, at the moment, my heart isn’t in the e-comm site. I’ve mentally painted the interior of the shop and picked a few fixtures and fittings. What will look good and feel welcoming in the shop may not work for the drop down menu. 

11 September 2018 

Wow. Did I ever sleep well last night. I guess that’s what happens when something has been ticking away in your brain. Being so busy at work, I don’t really get time to think about the shop until late in the evening. As much joy as I get from the idea of my shop, I suspect going to bed with gazillions of things spinning around in my head — including the lack of a name — doesn’t make for a good night’s sleep.

10 September 2018

And we have a name. Thank goodness. Who knew what should be the fun part of starting a business would be so stressful? I actually felt my shoulders drop when the decision was made.

Much thanks to my colleague, Gary, for asking a few simple questions about the three front runners and proficiently coaching the answer out of the recesses of my brain. Or was it my heart? Feels more like an emotional decision in the end, rather than a hugely commercial one.

URLs purchased. Email set up. Instagram and Twitter handles secured. Facebook page created. 

Peg & Patch: coming soon.

8 September 2018 

There are three clear leaders in the name race. Well, there are about five running ahead but I’ve already written off two. In the end no matter what else I consider I still have to like the name. If I don’t love it now — no matter how many votes its had from potential customers — it’s not going to work. 

I know that I am publishing this after the decision is made, so I can share with you my thinking.

The front runners are: Highland Peg, Hamish and Peg, Peg and Patch.

Using ‘peg’ — even as a standalone word — came up early. I like saying it. I can see it written on things. I also love that it is a noun, a verb and an adjective. (Those who know me well are smirking to themselves. I may be opening a shop, but I will always be a communications professional and grammar junkie.)

It was also the nickname of my paternal great granny, Margaret Campbell Seaton: ‘Peggy’ to her friends.

Granny Seaton and me

This evolved into trying to find a word to go with it, preferably one with a Scottish connotation.

I like 'highland' but, as the physical shop may not end up in the Highlands, it is a risk. I can't bear the thought of the anoraks contacting me to say that said location wasn't in the highlands. 

I like highland cows. I call all highland cows ‘Hamish’. That’s where ‘Hamish and Peg’ came from. Coincidently, it’s also the nickname of one of my paternal great uncles and Great Granny Seaton’s son, Donald Seaton. However, I worry that it could be perceived that I prefer one uncle amongst a gaggle of brilliant uncles. (I have a quite a few.) 

There's a hallway of Hamishes in my flat

I also like alliteration so started to look for other P words. I searched high-and-low for Scottish and Gaelic words, colourful adjectives, place names ... any word beginning with P. Then I stumbled upon 'patch'. Patch was my Granny MacNicoll’s dog. Granny would give me and Patch chocolate in equal measures. Funny what you remember. 

Me and Patch and my mum's hands

7 September 2018

I’ve just registered for five evening classes to learn how to start a business. They don’t give you homework in adult school, do they?

2 September 2018

I’ve *really* said it out loud now. 

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been boring friends and colleagues with potential names for the shop. There are a few that I like but I simply can’t make a decision. I’ve decided to put out a survey to friends, family and colleagues around the globe. Can’t wait to get their thoughts or —even better — their suggestions!

It will also be interesting to hear what they think about me opening a shop more generally. Some of them will have heard me bleat on about wanting a shop; many more probably haven’t. I wonder if they’ll think I’m having a mid-life crisis? Or thinking — just as I do every day — what does she know about running a shop? LOL.

It’s actually feels good to send it out into the ether. I need a break from thinking about it.

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