April 2019

25 April

I've been delinquent in my blog writing this month. My focus has been on building the social following, particularly on Instagram. There's been great success with getting 'likes' but less success at growing followers. I shall persevere ... and keep reminding myself that the shop is only a month old!

Where I have had more success is attracting new makers. I've had a number of approaches direct via the website and Instagram. It's lovely that people like the site and are supportive of the promotion of Scottish design, so much so they'd be happy to put their products on to Peg & Patch. I can't accommodate all of them, unfortunately. There are limitations to what I can carry on the site (and store, and finance), and I want to make sure that Peg & Patch grows in a way that means I can give the products and makers the right attention and support. I've got to be the tortoise, not the hare!

Peg & Patch heather and hare cushionSpeaking of hares, have you seen the 'heather and hare' cushions from Coppertop Croft? Love them.

15 April

Happy anniversary! Well, the virtual doors to Peg & Patch have been open for one month. In many, many ways, it feels a lot longer! I suspect that's because, in my mind, the business started last August when I decided to open a shop.

I'm pleased with what has been achieved in one month. My favourite moments so far came last week, when I got my first 'stranger' purchase. (I must come up with a better name for this dear customer.) I mean that someone who isn't a friend of a friend or friend of a family member made a purchase from the site. It was a lovely feeling and a big milestone for the business. 

6 April

I continue to learn my way around SEO (search engine optimisation) and promotion. I've had some success with running campaigns and competitions on social, but keen to get Peg & Patch higher up in the search engine results. 

I've also signed up to TrustPilot and (phew!) some positive reviews are now live on the site. Thank you to those who have not only been early customers of Peg & Patch, but who have also taken time to submit a review. 

And here's a sneaky peek at the latest arrival on Peg & Patch. I look forward to getting all of Cherith Harrison's products loaded and available to customer to buy.


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