August 2019

21 August

What a great day. Met with Elaine McLeod of The Tickety Boo Coo and then Anna Maylon from Coppertop CroftIt was a chance to hear about what they are working on and to update them on the progress at Peg & Patch. 

Catching up with other small business owners is chance to share experiences, suggestions, encouragement, etc. It's like a support group! Leaves you feeling really optimistic about the potential of your business. 

As I said, what a great day.

20 August

Drove north from Crieff today, through the Sma' Glen and up to Pitlochry. No matter how often I drive through Scotland, I am still struck by the scenery. So beautiful.

I'm up in Scotland, meeting with some of the makers whose products are already on the site, as well as new ones who I hope will appear on the site in the near future. I've also got a meeting with Business Gateway to talk about the support available for growing the business and opening a physical shop.

Yesterday, I met with Rebecca Robertson, owner and designer of Holly Silver. She has recently taken the leap and invested in studio and shop premises. It's great (and encouraging) to hear stories of people who are making a living doing something they love. 

I've got a busy few days ahead but enjoying seeing family and friends, too.

2 August

There's been a flurry (well, may be a 'flutter' is more accurate) of sales in recent weeks. No matter how big or small the order, I get the same sense of excitement when I hear the 'ping' of a notification coming through. And as the pings become more regular, the novelty doesn't wear off! I don't say it enough: thank you to everyone for your support of my little enterprise.

Following every purchase, the customer receives an automated message from TrustPilot. They are invited to leave a review on the Peg & Patch TrustPilot page. The feedback so far is incredibly positive and supportive: all five-stars. Until today. 

Now, before you read further, please be assured that this isn't a gripe about the review. If your Peg & Patch experience wasn't good, we need to know!

But when I first read it, I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach, swiftly followed by a range of emotions. At the heart of it, I just felt disappointment that someone wasn't happy with their purchase. And I'm clearly invested in this little enterprise, perhaps more emotionally than financially!

Needless to say, I've replied and hope to hear back from the customer. I wish they had contacted us first to give us a chance to rectify the issue. Some may say I need tougher skin if I'm going to run my own business; however, I never want to be immune to others' experience of Peg & Patch.

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