August 2020

This week marks the fifth month of working from home (for the 'day' job) due to Coronavirus. When I look at this section of the website, I can't believe it's been as many months since I last wrote a post. Going into lockdown, I had visions of oodles of spare time – which I'd commit to Peg & Patch, of course.

Well that didn't happen, did it?

For those of us who could work from home, we simply swapped an office-based working day for a spare-room working day. There wasn’t a whole lotta spare time. I actually got frustrated when I heard people talk about bored they were or that they were running out of things to watch on Netflix. (I say frustrated. Some would say envious.)

The lockdown did affect Peg & Patch sales. Unsurprisingly, I think people were spending less on non-essentials and just generally being more cautious with their money because of the unknowns around future income. I also didn't feel comfortable in those first few months to do much promotion on social media. (There is a good correlation between social media activity and site traffic.) Knowing so many people on furlough or – worse – without any income, it felt callous to be enticing people to buy things that weren't essential. That's why you didn't see many posts between March and July.

Those two things meant it's been a very quiet year for Peg & Patch. I'm fortunate enough to have a day job that pays the bills and was happy to let Peg & Patch rest.

I am pleased to see site traffic pick up this month. Yes, I'm posting on social media again, but I also like to think that all the hard work that's gone into Peg & Patch in its first year is starting to bear fruit. It feels very rewarding.
Next week, I also celebrate 'I'm Going to Open a Shop Day', the two-year anniversary of when I walked into the office and declare to my colleagues my intention to open a shop. Thank you to everyone who has offered their encouragement and support in those two years, which has come in all shapes and sizes. 

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