December 2019

I have to apologise for the radio silence in the second half of 2019. I signed up for a few Christmas markets and had quite a lot of work to do to get ready for 'in-person' selling.

On top of that, the demands of the day-job skyrocketed due to unforeseen events. There are times when you truly earn your keep in corporate communications!

The Christmas markets were poor. Don't get me wrong! Great experience and I enjoyed being around the other sellers, but not huge sales due to low attendance. Much of it could be marked up to poor promotion, which is so frustrating as it is so easily done with social media, local councils who want to promote local business, etc.

I'll try a few more and possibly do some pop-ups in 2020 because it is all about learning-as-you-go. Looking forward to what the next year brings for Peg & Patch.
Best wishes to you and your friends and family for the new year.

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