February 2020

I went back to school – again – this month. The entire Peg & Patch venture has been a year-long school day but sometimes it can help to learn from the experts!

The class was about SEO (search engine optimisation), so learning how to get your website to appear towards the top of the search engine results. Like most things to do with technology, I'm a 'click-and-see-what-happens' kinda girl. I don't find it daunting and I seem to muddle through okay; however, as I have a business to think about, I figured it was time to do better than muddle through.

It was a one-day class at my local adult community colleague. I've done a few courses there and I like the bite-sized and approachable learning style. (If you have an adult community colleague near you, check it out. There are a lot of useful and interesting classes at very reasonable rates.)

I've got a bit of work to do but I'm on the right track. Phew! I've also signed up to do a social media marketing class next month. (Insta followers beware!) 

Sandra Vick's travel mugs on Peg & PatchI'm pleased to introduce a new maker to Peg & Patch. Sandra Vick has a distinctive style and I was so pleased to meet her at the Scottish Trade Fair in Glasgow last month. I've hesitated adding ceramics to the site because I'm worried about putting fragile objects into the post. When I saw Sandra's travel mugs, I had to give them a go. They are sturdier than a standard mug and I know there are plenty of people out there who don't like making their tea in a stainless steel or plastic travel mug. I look forward to one day having a physical shop so I can carry more of Sandra's beautiful work.

Finally, I am pleased to say that the Peg & Patch journey has moved forward a step. I've decided it is time to move back to Scotland so my flat is now on the market. I'm both excited and nervous, as well as every emotion in between.

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