July 2021

Hello, Auchterarder!

Apologies for the radio silence. It's been a hectic six months, never mind the challenges of Covid-19!

I moved from London to Auchterarder in January in the middle of the second (or was it 'third'?) lockdown. The joy of moving closer to my family was squashed by the government restrictions, which meant I couldn't actually spend time with them.

I finally moved in to my new house in late April, greeted by a leaky pipe and soggy carpets within 24 hours. <Sigh.> But that's all sorted and I can now focus on the fun bits, such as decorating and getting to know my neighbours.

And, of course, re-opening the shop.

The high street in Auchterarder is doing well. It's great to see that most (if not all) shops have survived the challenges of Covid-19. It makes me optimistic about the plans for having a physical shop. For now, I will enjoy exploring and supporting the independent shops of Auchterarder. 

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