January 2020

Happy new year!

A year ago, I went to my first trade show. I knew nothing. I didn't know the questions to ask. I thought I would be expected to order hundreds, if not thousands, of each item. It was overwhelming. 

Peg & Patch at Scotland's Trade Fair 2020This month, I returned to the same trade show. What a difference a year makes. I still don't know everything that I probably should, but I have learned a lot over the last 12 months. I'm not going to retire on what the online shop has returned financially so far, but the 'training' it has delivered is incredibly valuable to my future plans of opening a physical shop.

Probably most rewarding about the trade fair was to walk into the venue and know people. To have built relationships with the makers, even though I haven't met all of them face-to-face, was lovely.

There were even a number of exhibitors who knew the shop name instantly and are followers of the Instagram feed. That's a nice feeling.

I had the pleasure to meet a number of new makers and I look forward to adding their products to the site in the coming months. Stay tuned. And, of course, you will see new products from our existing makers, too.

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