July 2019

19 July

A slightly-overdue welcome to Chloe Gardner, who joined Peg & Patch last week. Chloe's designs include bees and puffin pieces, both of which are popular with our customers. 

We have also launched the shoogly peg, our new sale section where customers can grab a bargain. I'm keen to make room for new products, especially in the run up to Christmas. That and I like the words 'shoogly peg'. It could have been the name of the shop but wasn't sure that something 'wobbly' was the right message for a new business ...

7 July

Yesterday, we climbed the dizzying heights to 400 followers on Instagram. (I know that there are those out there with tens of thousands.) I've been determined to grow the numbers by those who are actually interested in the shop and Scottish products, and not by selling out to the Insta floozies who promise hundreds of new followers for a small fee.

Thank you to those who have chosen to follow Peg & Patch on Insta (and Facebook and Twitter). Look to your inbox for random 'thank you' credit vouchers for the shop. 

Oh, and we've got a new maker in the shop. Stay tuned, especially if you are a fan of bees and puffins! I hope to have everything loaded in the coming days.

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