June 2019

30 June 

Back from my holiday and feeling refreshed, it's time to get back to our meet-the-maker series. Next up is Rebecca Robertson, founder and designer of Holly Silver Jewellery. I've enjoyed working with Rebecca, getting to know her products and what inspires her to create.

I didn't get a chance to do any Peg & Patch work while I was in Scotland this month, so I'm planning another quick visit in August. I want to catch up with some of the makers and hear more about what they are working on. I also want to explore some pop-up shop or market options for the Christmas period. Stay tuned!

22 June

I'm just back from a week in Tiree. It's my second time on Tiree and continue to be stunned by the turquoise water and white beaches. When I shared the photos with my brother in Canada, he compared the scenes to Hawaii. It's amazing this is on our doorstep and so few people are aware. (Feel free to call, Visit Scotland, if you need another ambassador.)

Last week was the three-month anniversary (or month-iversary) for Peg & Patch. Thank you to everyone who took advantage of our 20% anniversary discount. (Don't worry. You still have time. The discount code 3MONTHS expires at midnight on 24 June.)

I've just added a few new products to the site, restocking a few items and adding some new scents to our soap and candle range. Beautiful stuff from Mella. 

9 June

I'm pleased as punch. We're reached another milestone, here at Peg & Patch HQ: our first repeat customer. If there was a bell behind the bar, I'd ring it. (Who am I kidding? If there was a bar, I'd be toasting the milestone, too!)

In the coming week, we celebrate our three-month anniversary. This was a lovely anniversary present. Thank you, dear customer. (You'll know who you are as I've popped a little extra in your parcel.)

3 June

As sales trickle in*, I am now looking at replenishment orders. It's this process that confirms for me that I'm actually learning stuff along the way. I'm much more critical of what I re-stock.

There's the commercial angle, of course. First, I need to evaluate how quickly an item was selling and if there is potential for it to sell again. Second, I need to evaluate whether the return (read: profit) on any product warrants the effort to list it and market it.

But, more interestingly, I am much more aware that every penny I spend on replenishing an existing product is a penny that I don't have to spend on exploring new products. There are so many talented makers in Scotland that I want to include them all on Peg & Patch. More importantly, there are so many quality products that I want to keep raising the bar for what is included on Peg & Patch.

*When I say 'trickle' in, please don't take that as disappointment or a negative. There's no queue at the virtual front door, but business is steady. And, as I keep reminding myself (as do others), those virtual doors have only been open two and a half months!

It's all good, especially when I'm learning along the way.

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