November 2020

Today we reached 1,000 followers on Instagram. I know that 1,000 followers is nothing to some  – and certainly doesn't elevate us to influencer status – but it is important to me. Those are 1,000 genuine followers: not bought nor exchanged. Thank you.

When I opened Peg & Patch online, it was the first step towards opening a physical shop. This year, Covid-19 has thrown our lives a roller coaster ride that we hadn't anticipated and has put a lot of plans on hold. 2020 wasn't a year to be in retail, particularly for small, independent retailers with bricks-and-mortar shops. If and when you can get out, please visit your high street shops.

Peg and Patch supports the Just A Card Campaign

As mantra for the campaign, Just a Card, says: Every sale, even just a card, is vital to their prosperity and survival. 

My plans for opening a physical shop are paused, until the aftermath of (or the new normal for living with) Covid-19 is clearer; however, I wasn't going to let a global pandemic hold me back completely.

Early next year, I'm moving back to Scotland! Whoop! Whoop! Moving back to Scotland was always part of the shop plan, so I'm excited to be taking that next step towards, one day, opening a physical Peg & Patch shop. In the meantime, it will make discovering new makers and expanding the business online much easier. (And perhaps there will be a pop-up shop or two!)

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