Chloe Gardner

When Chloe Gardner left university and was putting together a CV to find a serious job, her friends laughed when she put 'colour' in the hobbies section. She'd always loved vibrant colours and, while she wasn't certain at the time just how 'colour' would manifest itself as a hobby, Chloe knew that colour was important to her and she wanted it included in any document describing her.

Chloe comes from a family of artists. Her philosophy is simply that bright colours can be uplifting and inspiring. She surrounds herself with bright, cheery hues and tries to spread her colour philosophy through her work, bringing a smile to people's faces.

Based in Scotland, Chloe's inspiration comes from her beautiful surroundings sights, sounds and smells topped up with Brazilian 'joie de vivre' from the five years she lived on a beach in Brazil. Her designs are expertly reproduced onto a range of products in Scotland and England.

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