Cured by Zoe Scott Designs

Back in 2017, Zoe Scott found herself in want of fun, looking for an escape from the humdrum. She’d always been creative and was looking for an outlet.

Her degree in textile printing was proving less-than-useful without access to a print studio, so she looked around for what else she could do. As a hands-on kind of maker, concrete really appealed to Zoe: "It’s such a brutal, rugged material and hugely under-appreciated. I felt like I’d found myself!"
Zoe uses concrete to create homewares in small quantities. She can create hundred of items from one bag of cement, and her minimal waste policy means every bowl is scraped clean. Any leftover wet mix as well as any scraps are recycled and made into something. There's no kiln or machinery involved in making her cement creations, and each item is hand waxed and polished. It's all handmade.

Over the years, Zoe's family has put up with concrete chunks on the kitchen table, stock on every free surface and a very dusty Zoe! But a happy Zoe, too. Her range has grown along with her confidence. In 2022, Zoe unveiled 'Cured', the new brand name for her luxury concrete products. 

In her latest collection, Zoe takes inspiration from Scotland's wild landscape: from the fresh seafood to the incredible rock formations and, of course, the weather.

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