Frequently asked questions

Are all of the products made in Scotland?

All of the products are designed in Scotland. Many are made in Scotland, too. There are some that are made outside of Scotland because of the availability of the raw material, the production costs or other reasons. If an item is not made in Scotland, it is noted in the item description.

Are you looking for new products to sell?

Yes. We don't think of Peg & Patch simply as a shop. We are proud of the quality and beautiful products available in Scotland, and want to celebrate the designers, artisans and craftspeople that make them. If you have a product that is designed and ideally, but not essential produced in Scotland and are looking for a partner to sell your product, please get in touch. 

At Peg & Patch, we want to build strong relationships with our partner suppliers so we will grow gradually over time. Even if we are interested in your product, we may delay adding your stock to make sure we give you and your product the attention it deserves.

Are there any Peg & Patch shops?

Yes! We opened in Auchterarder on 4 December 2021.