Hole in my Pocket and Eat Haggis

Hole in my Pocket is the practise name of architect and artist, Allistair J Burt. 

As Hole in my Pocket, Allistair has worked on a vast range of projects from major exhibitions, illustration, short films, storytelling machines and travelling around Scotland with an air-hostess trolley. He has worked on a variety of unusual projects, including building a Victorian storytelling machine for the Shetland Museum and trying to solve the MP's expense fiasco through creative means. He's even formed a religion, 'Himptology', for an exhibition at the Glasgow International.

In recent years, he started to develop products for retail featuring his illustrations and sense of humour.

All of the Hole in my Pocket products are designed and created by Allistair, including cards, stationery and kitchenware.

Allistair is also the designer behind Eat Haggis, another brand we're pleased to carry at Peg & Patch. It's a range of contemporary Scottish design and products, including t-shirts, mugs, cards and prints. 

Allistair explains, "Scotland is a wonderful country and the main aim of Eat Haggis is to celebrate and be proud of all that it has to offer – and we try to do so with a sense of humour. We want people to think of Scottish design in the way they think of Scandinavian design: something of quality to be treasured."

Check out Hole in my Pocket and Eat Haggis products on the Peg & Patch site.