Holly Silver by Rebecca

Rebecca, founder of Holly Silver by Rebecca, hand-makes sentimental and personalised jewellery from her studio in Kinross by her beloved Loch Leven.
Rebecca is a proud mother to her beautiful boy, Jack, who was born in 2014. Since then, she's been building the business for their future.

Becoming a mother changed my life in so many more ways than I could have ever imagined," explains Rebecca. "Life always throws you some important lessons to learn. We can either grow through them or let them have the better of us. I chose to grow." 

Rebecca's designs come through her personal growth and learning. Each design is thoughtful in its sentiment and there is always a symbolic meaning to each piece. Rebecca's mission is to spread love and joy through her jewellery.

She designs her jewellery to embody sentiments from the mind-blowing love one human being can have for another, a connection between friends or family, or just simply something that empowers a person through tough times.

"If this is passed on to the wearer, then my mission for this business is fulfilled each time."

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In the spotlight

As part of our 'meet the maker' feature, we put our makers in the spotlight to to learn about their work, hear what inspires them and get the inside scoop on their upcoming work. In July 2019, Rebecca took the spotlight. Read the interview below.

What led you to designing and making your own products? 

I turned a hobby into a business after my son was born in 2014. I established Holly Silver Jewellery [now Holly Silver by Rebecca] to work between being a mother and my need for a creative output.

My son was one when my life changed dramatically and I had to push the business to be the main source of income to build a life for me and my son. To help me through a particularly tough time in my life, I began to make jewellery with empowering words hand-stamped on it. I shared my life lessons in my design with others – and my business grew as people started to connect with my sentiments. Holly Silver Jewellery – personalised and sentimental – was born and I strive each day to help others by making jewellery that holds a deep meaning to the wearer. 

My business has grown through the continual life lessons that I embody in my new designs and collections.

How does Scotland – where you live and work – influence your designs? Do you have a favourite place in Scotland that inspires your designs?

Scotland, specifically Loch Leven, has always been the source of my inspiration as I spend a lot of time on my personal growth within the beautiful Scottish countryside – being inspired not only by the physical beauty that surrounds me but also the feelings that are evoked by being amongst the sheer beauty of the Scottish landscapes.

What do you want your brand to represent? When people see your products, what do you want them to think or feel?

My brand is all about being sentimental and personal – be it in design or having meaningful and powerful words hand-stamped on the jewellery. My mission with my business is to spread love and feel joy and empower those who wear my jewellery with their own personal growth. I hope that I can help others through the life lessons I have learnt thus far. 

How do you approach your work: do you work to a schedule or is it more fluid? 

I work my business around my child but I dedicate a lot of my own time every day to growing this business. I am passionate about building this business as I care about its mission deeply. 

What are you working on now?

I’m working on building new collections and improving my skill set at present to broaden my offering to people. I have recently moved into new premises and am working to establish a fluid working business in order to grow my trade business. I have a workshop assistant and admin staff now, so it’s a very exciting growth period that is allowing me to take a step back to focus on business development and more time to spend on bespoke commissions. I have so many design ideas and have not had the time to bring them to life!