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Below are the designers, artists and craftspeople whose products are available on Peg & Patch today. Click on each name to read more about them and the work that they do, and link to their products available on Peg & Patch.

Amy Britton

Bertie Girl


Caroline Wolfe Murray

Cherith Harrison

Coppertop Croft

Cured by Zoe Scott Designs

Earth Squared

Gillian Kyle

Helen Chalmers

Hole in my Pocket / Eat Haggis

Ishbel Watson

Jenni Douglas

Lewisian Nice

Mella Handmade Soap

Olive Pearson Designs

Pentland Aromatics

Rosie Loves Bruce 

Sandra Vick

Scottish Made

Snappy Crocodile

Sophie Downes

South Beach Design

The Candle Bothy

The Tickety Boo Coo

The Wee Loft