The Tickety Boo Coo

The Tickety Boo Coo available at pegandpatch.comElaine McLeod's happy nature and fondness of a highland cow was the inspiration for The Tickety Boo Coo. Originally from Nairn, Elaine grew up with a field of highland cattle along the road that she spoke to each day on the way to school. There's still cattle in that field and Elaine still stops to talk to them, although she now has a couple of small people with her who are growing up to be just as fond of them!

Elaine works predominantly with fine silver clay* and sterling silver at her home studio in Edinburgh. She makes a variety of products, such as earrings, cufflinks and charms for necklaces and bracelets.

*Silver clay is made from microscopic particles of pure silver (much of which is recycled) embedded in an organic binder. It can be be rolled, moulded, shaped, textured and stamped before drying and then firing. During firing, the binder burns away and the end result is a beautiful piece of fine silver which is 99.9% pure and, unlike sterling silver which is 92.5%, it will remain super shiny with only a quick polish required now and again.


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