Calendar: 'On this Day' Scotland 2023

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Eat Haggis has introduced a new, tall and slim page-per-month calendar featuring 12 Scottish landscape images. Each day includes an interesting fact about something in Scottish history that happened on that specific day.

For example:

9 January 1811: The World’s first, women only golf tournament, is held at Musselburgh. Fish wives of the town competed for a creel, a skull and 2 silk handkerchiefs.

7 July 1930: Death of the author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of the detective Sherlock Holmes.

16 October 1995: The Skye Bridge is opened to traffic.

The calendar won the Best Product Award at the Scottish Trade Show in Glasgow.


The cover is 300gsm high quality Arco paper. The pages are 160gsm Arco paper. It is digital print. The pages are 14.8cm x 42cm, with wire-bind and hanging loop at the top.