Car Air Freshener

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These small decorative fragrance bottles from The Candle Bothy add a lovely scent to your car. They can also be used to freshen up any other small space such as caravans, wardrobes, desk space, the downstairs loo, etc.

They hold approximately 9ml of fragrance solution and come complete with wooden screw top, hanging cord and a small stopper to prevent leakage. They last for up to two months.

Simply unscrew the wooden top and remove the little stopper. Screw the wooden top back on (tightly) and give the bottle a little shake or tip upside down for a few seconds. This is so the oil can soak the inside of the wooden top.

Keep the bottle upright to avoid leakage. Tip the bottle upside down every so often to refresh the fragrance as and when needed. Make sure the top is screwed on tight, so it doesn't loosen when going over bumpy roads.

When hanging from the rear mirror, keep the cord short to prevent the bottle from hitting the windscreen. You can also attach it to your air vent (with tie or a clip as photographed). Please note that the clip is not included.

The bottle contains the fragrance of your choice. It is a natural soy-based solution.