Earrings: Glass Studs

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This listing is for a lovely little pair of handmade glass stud earrings, made in Helen Chalmers' studio in Edinburgh.

Made in a torch flame and carefully annealed in a kiln overnight to prevent any breakages, these earrings complement any outfit or make a lovely gift.

For the frosted studs, they go through a tumbling process once they are annealed, where they are steadily turned with sand and water over a period of two days. This strips away the shine and gives them a beautiful frosted effect similar to sea glass.

The earring backs are surgical steel, a completely safe and hypo-allergenic metal. The steel backs are fused into the glass while it is still hot, so no glue is needed.

As they are handmade, the size of the glass ball varies between 5mm and 7mm. (Don't worry! The size is consistent within a pair.)