Harris Tweed Hot Water Bottle: Large

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What makes a hot water bottle even cosier? A tweed cover, of course! Caroline Wolfe Murray's tweed covered hot water bottles are the smart accessory for those unexpected chilly nights to help you get to sleep, or to keep in your spare room for guests.

It has a Harris Tweed label, which can only be placed on goods made from authentic Harris Tweed, hand-woven by the islanders of the Outer Hebrides. Harris Tweed is the only cloth with a protected governance, governed by an Act of Parliament protected by the Harris Tweed Authority. It is made of 100% pure new wool that is dyed, blended, carded, spun, warped, woven and finished in the Outer Hebrides.

Please check the description. Some come with a woven fabric back and some come with a (very cosy!) fleece back.

The cover comes with a standard 2L rubber hot water bottle that's easy to fill.

The item is 19cm wide and 32cm long.