Necklace: Queen Bee (large)

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This beautiful necklace comes rom Holly Silver by Rebecca.

The Queen Bee rests in her hive and then takes flight when it's her turn to come to life. This necklace represents that beauty that emerges from the new life and energy that comes after the rest: the bee taking flight and making that journey to life.

The sunshine renews the life force within the Queen Bee and gives her energy to take flight and take joy in life again. In her beauty, she flies at the heart of us, just as she dwells within the heart of the hive when it's time to rest and recuperate.

This very lovely Queen Bee is hand-carved from wax and cast into silver. It measures 2cm x 1.5cm x .5cm. It comes on a mini belcher 18" chain. 

It comes in a beautiful display box for gift-giving.