Vase: Concrete Conical Vase

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These watertight vases are really gorgeous. It may surprise you that they are made from concrete! Cured by Zoe Scott Designs' super minimalist design allows for a small bouquet of fresh or dried flowers or simply displayed as an empty ornament.

Each vase is hand waxed and hand polished, and there's a sealed coating inside the vase. There is a felt base to protect your furniture.  

The vase is 15cm tall with a 7cm round base.

To help choose your vase, here's a descriptor of the colours in the Cured collection:

  • Oyster: a soft greyish cream 
  • Sand: pale teal low cream with tiny black gravel and reclaimed crushed whelk shells
  • Lichen: pale greenish blue and white marbled
  • Salmon: rich pinkish orange and white marbled
  • Silver birch: pale grey and white marbled 
  • Barrel oak: warm brown marbled into white.